Committee on Planning

AASHTO Liaison
Matthew Hardy
Program Director for Planning and Performance Based Management

Welcome to the Committee on Planning

The Committee on Planning addresses all aspects of the transportation planning process including federal regulations, current industry practices, and emerging approaches and concepts. The Committee is dedicated to providing State DOTs the expertise, resources and tools they need to implement a robust planning process within their agencies that is multimodal, multidisciplinary, innovative and consensus-oriented.

The Committee on Planning provides the following services to AASHTO and State DOT Members:

  • Promote a multi-disciplinary planning process that encourages State DOTs to define a long-term vision; establish a framework for system and project-level action; integrate the perspectives of the many and varied stakeholders across modes, sectors, and jurisdictions; and promote an alignment between vision and program implementation.
  • Assess and recommend national-level policies (laws, regulations and guidance) that affect state DOTs’ ability to conduct transportation planning within their agencies and that support the Board of Directors’ positions on the development of federal policy, programs, regulations, and guidance.
  • Research, document and disseminate information about national and international trends, innovation, industry practices and advances in the field of transportation planning.
  • Support State DOTs in the understanding and use of models, tools, analysis techniques, methodologies and professional development that are important in implementing a multi-modal transportation planning process.
  • Champion and advocate the principles and applications of planning concepts with AASHTO forums, councils and committees; and with other partner organizations.