Subcommittee on Research
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The Subcommittee on Research serves as the Project Panel for National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Project 08-36 Research for the AASHTO Standing Committee on Planning: Support for Improved Transportation Planning and Project Development.  The AASHTO Standing Committee on Planning established NCHRP Project 08-36 to provide a flexible, ongoing program of quick-response research designed to develop improvements in the analytical methods, decision-support tools, procedures, and techniques employed by practitioners to support statewide and metropolitan transportation planning, programming, and development.


SCOP has directed the Subcommittee on Research to manage an annual process for selecting and monitoring research activities under NCHRP Project 08-36, and review other NCHRP planning-related research probelm statements and recommend selection priorities to the SCOP Chair.  The Subcommittee will provide reports on its activities at SCOP meetings, and it will ensure that research products are provided to planning practitioners in a timely manner.


Membership on the Subcommittee includes a permanent chair who is also a member of the Standing Committee on Planning, two representatives from each AASHTO region, a representative from the Standing Committee on Environment, a representative from a metropolitan planning organization, and a representative from a university.  Membership also includes liaisons from the AASHTO staff, the Federal Highway Administration, the Transportation Research Board and the National Cooperative Highway Research Program; liaisons are non-voting.  The membership roster is available at: