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Welcome to the Standing Committee on Planning

AASHTO's Standing Committee on Planning (SCOP) investigates, studies, and reports on transportation planning activities. Comprehensive transportation planning is conducted by the State Departments of Transportation for a variety of policy, programming, and project level activities, including:

  • Legislative requests for transportation system performance
  • Urban and statewide transportation systems
  • Corridor and site planning for individual facilities.

To help serve the transportation planning community and share best-practices, SCOP:

  • Reviews and evaluates methods and information essential to transportation planning
  • Promotes and encourages interaction among transportation stakeholders
  • Reviews national problems, existing and proposed policies, Federal guidelines, and other regulations related to transportation.

Introducing the Multimodal Surface Transportation Task Force​
AASHTO established a task force on multimodal transportation planning and policy in the summer of 2016 to support a balanced transportation system that provides mode options for the diverse needs of all surface transportation system users.  The main focus of the MMTF is surface transportation modes for passenger transport.  The task force meets every odd month.  MMTF November 2016 Newsletter​

​From the AASHTO Journal

Annual Summit Focuses on Equity and Transportation

The Congress for New Urbanism's Project for Transportation Reform will host a three-day annual summit, Oct, 1–3, in New York City, bringing together planners, designers, engineers, and public officials committed to creating and advancing transportation standards and policies that support urbanism and promote equity and equitable development. View the full story in the August 29 AASHTO Journal.

2016 Meetings

  • AASHTO 2016 Washington Briefing 
    Date: February 24 to 26, 2016
    Location: Washington, DC 
    More information: Matt Hardy (mhardy@aashto.org)
  • AASHTO Spring Meeting
    Date: May 24 to 26, 2016
    Location: Des Moines, IA
    More information: Matt Hardy (mhardy@aashto.org)
  • 2016 SCOPM, SCOP, and SCOE Joint Meeting
    Date: June 19 to 23, 2016
    Location: San Antonio, TX
    More Information: Matt Hardy (mhardy@aashto.org)
  • AASHTO Annual Meeting (Website​)
    Date: November 12 to 15, 2016
    Location: Boston, MA 
    More information: Matt Hardy (mhardy@aashto.org)


SCOP Strategic Plan (for 2011-2015)




SCOP Members are leaders in statewide transportation planning. We recognize the importance of updating our membership roster to recognize the achievements of our members in their respective organizations. Please contact AASHTO SCOP liaison Matt Hardy, mhardy@aashto.org with changes to the SCOP Members committee roster.

Reporting Committees:


    Technical Programs:


    Shared Ideas

    We recognize that many other individuals in the state departments of transportation and numerous other federal, state, and local agencies and the private sector are actively involved in the comprehensive transportation planning process. To help share best practices among stakeholders, SCOP created statewideplanning.org. Statewideplanning.org is used by SCOP to share resources, best practices, and other information to further improve the practice of statewide transportation planning.