Committee Chair: Debra Miller, Secretary, Kansas Department of Transportation

Vice Chair: Tim Henkel, Assistant Commissioner, Modal Planning & Program Management Division

Secretary: Matthew Hardy, Program Director for Planning and Policy, AASHTO


The Committee shall:

  • Investigate, study and report on planning activities, including such activities as land use and transportation interactions, urban and statewide transportation systems planning, corridor and site planning for individual facilities.
  • Review and evaluate methods used or proposed for use for acquiring and applying the information essential to transportation planning; consider and recommend the best means of applying the information obtained by factual surveys.
  • Investigate, develop and disseminate recent advances in the field of transportation planning, including consideration of social, environmental and economic factors and effects.
  • Promote and encourage an effective liaison between state transportation officials and appropriate levels of government.
  • Conduct such specific transportation policy, planning, research, fiscal and resource studies and data collection efforts as it believes are necessary for the Association and which are requested by the Executive Committee or Board of Directors.
  • Review national problems, existing and proposed policies, Federal guidelines, regulations pertaining to transportation, and comment to the Board of Directors.
  • Identify and receive reports from its subcommittees, special committees and task forces as to federal regulatory mandates of national concern, and provide reports thereon.

Membership on this committee shall be limited to the top administrative or planning officials of each Member Department, and the selection as to the representative shall be at the option of the respective Member Department.

Contact: Matthew Hardy,